Chills 8 beer cans in a minute

Introducing the 8X Cooler - a revolutionary new cooler that doesn't just look awesome, it also chills your beer in a minute.

How do I get mine?

The 8X Cooler is currently in development and we are lauching an Indiegogo campaign soon, so sign up below to take advantage of the early bird prices.




Really Fast – Chills 8 cans or bottles in just 2 minutes

Power – Charge your electronics with the built-in USB ports

Any beverage – Compatible with cans and bottles of all sizes

Capacity – Chills up to 8 beverages at a time and can store 12 more

Handle a party – Chills up to 100 cans with one single charge

Compact – Easy to store and super portable

Freedom – Preset the desired beverage cooling time

Chill and Store – Stores for up to 12 cans or a bag of ice

Gorgeous – Inspired in the classic V8 car engine